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Seawin Biotech Group donates 1 million yuan to Qingdao Agricultural University to establish "Hai ZhuangYuan Scholarship"

Apr 09.2024
On March 29, Qingdao Agricultural University social cooperation donation ceremony was held in the conference hall of the Academic hall. Shan Junwei, chairman of Seawin Biotech Group, attended the ceremony and donated to the Education Development Foundation of Qingdao Agricultural University.

Liu Xinmin, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee and President of the University; Wang Qingjun, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee and chairman of the Education Development Foundation; Mu Qianwei, member of the University Party Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department, Minister of the United Front Work Department and director of the Education Development Foundation; and the heads of enterprises including Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group attended the meeting. The donation ceremony was presided over by Liu Chunxia, member of the Party Committee, vice president of Qingdao Agricultural University and vice chairman of the Education Development Foundation. All directors and supervisors of the School Education Development Foundation and the heads of all colleges attended the meeting.

At the ceremony, Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to the school to set up the "Hai ZhuangYuan Scholarship" for the recognition and reward of outstanding students. Shan Junwei, chairman of the Group, signed a donation agreement with Wang Qingjun, chairman of the Nongda Foundation, and handed over the donation check and donation certificate.
Group chairman Shan Junwei delivered a speech, reviewed the course of school-enterprise cooperation over the years, introduced the company's development and achievements, and looked forward to the next step of cooperation vision. Shan Junwei said that through the establishment of the "Hai ZhuangYuan Scholarship", the "through train" of talent training and output between Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Agricultural University has been built, which is conducive to the recruitment of outstanding talents with excellent ideological quality and professional skills and more suitable for the development needs of enterprises, and the realization of a win-win situation among enterprises, schools and students.
Vice President Liu Chunxia, on behalf of the school, thanked the caring enterprises for their strong support and help to the development of the school and the construction of the foundation. This cooperative donation not only shows the responsibility of the enterprise to actively integrate into the national strategy and the noble feelings of serving the cause of higher education, but also deepens the concern and support for the development of the school's cause, and becomes a new starting point for the sharing of resources, advantages and mutual benefit of all parties.

School-enterprise cooperation is the internal requirements and strategic measures for the development and progress of enterprises under the new situation, and it is the need for the common development of schools and enterprises. This donation ceremony marks a new level of school-enterprise cooperation between Seawin Biotech Group and Qingdao Agricultural University, which has far-reaching significance for both enterprises and schools. According to the development needs, the company combines the professional advantages of agricultural University, gives full play to the talent advantages of the school, realizes the organic combination of student employment and enterprise employment, and jointly promotes the high-quality development of social economy.