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Seawin Biotech is a high-tech enterprise with strong R&D strength,which is the critical technical support transforming the marine resources into valuable products.The R&D team is composed of 80 technical staff,most of which are masters and doctors with professional technical background from Ocean University of China as well as experts in agricultural field.Seawin now has obtained more than 100 national patents and another 40 R&D projects ongoing presently.


Technology incubation of Ocean University of China



Ocean University of China is the technology incubation and talents training base of Seawin Biotech Group. The company has established cooperative relationship with Ocean University and share the responsibility for scientific research project together. Ocean University of China(OUC) is a comprehensive university with particular strengths in oceanography and fisheries science. The university is also in the top 1% of the most-cited universities and scientific institutions in nine research fields(ESl): plant and animal science, earth science, engineering, chemistry, agricultural sciences, materials science, biology and biochemistry, environmental science and ecology, and pharmacology and toxicology. InSeptember 2017, it was selected"The construction of world-class universities"in China.

R&D team for functional fertilizer



Mainly engage in the development of functional fertilizer based on marine bioactive extract as raw material.The main scientific research achievements include:seaweed functional fertilizer series products,fish protein functional fertilizer series products,chitosan oligosaccharide functional fertilizer series products,trace element amino acid chelate functional fertilizer series products,etc with strong efficacy,good compatibility,obvious selling points that obtained good reputation by domestic and overseas customers.“Seawinner 818”is elected to be the unique National Famous Brand in China.


R&D team for marine biological products

Mainly engage in the development and application of marine biological products.The main scientific research achievements include:(1)Marine biological bactericide applied to the prevention and control of crop diseases with excellent effect.The products are organic and environmental-friendly that have the efficacy on both sterilization and improving plant resistance to stress.(2)Seaweed feed additive mainly applied to animal nutrition and health for improving animal immunity.


R&D team for marine biological biostimulants

Mainly engage in the development of marine biological biostimulants.The main scientific research achievements include:seaweed polysaccharide biostimulants produced by seaweed enzymolysis-fermentation coupling technology;fish protein biostimulants&pure chitosan oligosaccharide biostimulants produced by enzymolysis technology;polyglutamic acid biostimulants produced by fermentation technology,etc with high purity,significant efficacy,detectable technical indicators that can be used as synergist for various of fertilizers or used directly in crop growing period for improving crop’s resistance to stress and synergistic effect.


R&D team for microbial fertilizer


Mainly engage in the development of microbial fertilizer.The main scientific research achievements include:the technology development and application of submerged liquid fermentation;the technology development and application of core bacterial strain with the function of dissolving Phosphorus&Potassium,fixing Nitrogen,resisting to disease and stress;decomposing microbial inoculum and compound microbial inoculum products listed in the market.


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