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Seawin Biotech is a professional double seaweed fertilizer supplier


Seawin enjoys rich reserve of ocean resources,such as laminaria,entermopha.oyster and fish protein.We are the goverment-appointed company who can havervest entermopha in China.Seawin's total yield of double seaweed is up to three hundred thousand per year. We adopt double seaweed enzymolysis-fermentation coupling technology to extract nutrients,which can ensure the high quality of the extract.



Laminaria grows in low-temperature seawater. The output of laminaria in China ranks first in the world. We have built a laminaria production base in Rongcheng city, to ensure a stable source of fresh laminaria. The laminaria is rich in trace elements, and contains a certain amount of phenolic compounds, algal polysaccharide and a great number of growth regulating factors, dozens of mineral materials like potassium, calcium, magnesium, ferrous, zinc and iodine, as well as vitamin. In summary, laminaria contains nutrients, antibiotic substances and natural hormones. The active nutrients in laminaria can fix damaged cells, improve crop growth, promote nutrition transport, solve the problem of yellowing and withering, fully activate growth defense system and fix the damages caused by excessive fertilizer, improper fertilization, pesticide application and severe weather. The algal polysaccharide andmannitol in laminaria take a part in the oxidation-reduction reaction, and be ale to improve transportation efficiency of nutrition to fruits, improve fruit taste, extend fruit picking season, increase the yield and improve the quality.




Enteromorpha is found readily in Chinese coastal waters. Its high reproducibility and high yeild lead to stable raw material supply. Enteromorpha contains not only nutrients like rich proteins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, but also trace elements like iodine, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, ferrous, potassium, as well as high dietary fiber and a variety of polysaccharide with unique structure. The polysaccharide in enteromorpha is one special type of acid sugars in ocean for regulating immunity and increasing the resistance to diseases and negative factors.


Oyster Shell

The oyster shell is an alkalescent, thus suitable for neutralizing the acidic soil and adjusting soil pH. The plentiful bio-calcium and micro parasite in oyster shell can regulate the microbial ecosystem in soil. At the same time, the special physical structure of oyster can absorb the heavy metals in soil. We have built a production base in Rushan Weihai, where oyster cultivation is the characteristic industry.


Fish Protein


With rich aquatic product,a large amount of fish skin is harvested,serving as sufficient raw materials. Fish skin contains abundant protein and amino acids.The glycine in fish skin can promote photosynthesis,increasing the content of chlorophyll and improving enzyme activity.The amino acid in fish skin can accelerate the accumulating and running speed of nutrition,as well as increase the quantity of nutrition,leading to the balance of each type of nutrition.The amino acid is able to chelate with insoluble substances to generate chelate compound which is easier to be absorbed.


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