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Field guidance


After professional training,Seawinner technical service members have mastered a wealth of agrochemical knowledge,and endeavored to deliver the best service to customers,forming a one-stop service from the order to the field,ensuring the quality of the planting plan,and effectively improving the production and income of the growers.


Technical training


We have hired 7 doctoral supervisors and senior agricultural experts and scholars to form a team of experts.Focusing on the needs of the growers,we help growers increase their production and income,provide professional agricultural service support,and conduct monthly sales and technical staff Agricultural training,providing targeted crop quality planting solutions,maintaining the advanced nature of products and the superiority of practical applications,and escorting the development of market-competitive products,deepening technological competitiveness in the market,and achieving high-yield harvests.


Sales staff training fertilizer
application knowledge-Australian branch


Technical director training fertilizer
knowledge-China headquarters


Agricultural and Commercial College
---China Headquarters


Classroom of technical director training
fertilizer knowledge


Soil testing


The company established a soil testing experiment center in March 2015.The experiment center is divided into three major laboratories:soil treatment room,soil measurement analysis laboratory,and soil display room.It has advanced automated testing equipment and professional soil testing and soil testing and fertilization.The technical service team can provide customers with exclusive soil physical and chemical properties testing and fertilization guidance.

There are more than 1,000 soil samples and more than 20,000 test data.All the data are archived,and farmers'land problems have been solved in time in many cases.At the same time,we are also collecting data to establish a database,and to determine the current elemental content trend of planting soil by testing results based on elements,crops,regions,abundance,etc.,and provide theoretical basis for scientific formula fertilization.  


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