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Unique Features

SEAD Functional Factor

The SEAD Functional Factor relies on the core SE innovation technology system and uses a dual-algae enzymolysis-fermentation coupling extraction technology, combining 28 nutritional components including seaweed algae ingredients, amino acids, microelements, and plant growth factors in one. It significantly enhances the efficacy of fertilizers and pesticides; it can increase N nutrient utilization by 20-30%, P nutrient utilization by 10-30%, and K nutrient utilization by 10-15%. The input-output ratio is improved by 20-30%; it can break the inhibition of seed coating agents, improving germination rate by 10-15%. It also relieves pesticide damage, promotes growth, and increases biomass by 10-30%; furthermore, it boosts the effectiveness of pesticides, enhancing the prevention efficacy by 5-10%.

APAA Functional Factor

APAA is a new generation of marine bio-stimulant prepared using integrated biosynthesis technology to create a polymer of glutamic acid and rhamnose ester, which achieves the functional integration and enhancement of seaweed polysaccharides and polyglutamic acid. It plays a prominent role in promoting root growth, enhancing crop resistance to adverse conditions, and improving the utilization rate of phosphorus. It increases root vitality by 30-40%, root biomass by 20-30%, stress resistance index by 15-20%, and phosphorus utilization by 10-15%.

GALA Functional Factor

GALA is a new type of multifunctional biological compound formed by a biosynthesis technique, which involves a specific intermolecular reaction between seaweed oligosaccharides and 5-aminolevulinic acid molecules. The biological compound significantly enhances biological activity and stability, representing a new generation of marine bio-stimulants. It has notable effects on crop fruit expansion and color transition, quality improvement, yield increase, and reducing the cost while increasing the efficiency of fertilizers. The sweetness increases by 2 °Brix; market availability is 3-5 days earlier; dry matter content increases by more than 10%.