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Fish Protein

Fish Protein

Natural Organic N from Active Peptide

Promote seedling uniform and strong;;Strengthen photosynthesis and chlorophyll content;Enhance the physiological function and disease resistance;Increase yield and qualify of crops;Applied directly or together with NPK or pesticidsto enhance effect.

Product Features

Product Efficacy

Application Method

CropsApplicable PeriodApplication Method
Field CropsBooting Stage - Filling Stage0.5-1kg/ha(Foliar Spray)
Solanaceous VegetablesYoung Fruit Period - Coloring Period1-2kg/ha(Foliar Spray); 5-10kg/ha (Drip Irrigation)
FruitsYoung Fruit Period -Coloring Period1-3kg/ha (Foliar Spray); 5-15kg/ha(Drip Irrigation)
Synergist to Fertilizersand Pesticides

Fertilizer Synergist

Pesticide Synergist


800-1000 diluted


Fish Protein

For application suggestions specific to your crops,please contact your local agronomist or Seawin's distributors.

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