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Seaweed Amino

Seaweed Amino

Seaweed& Amino Acids Synergistic Nutrition

Crops:Applicable PeriodUsageSolanaceous VegetablesTransplanting stage - Young Fruit Stage2-3L/ha; 5-10L/haLeafy VegetablesSeedling Stage - Before Harvest1-2L/ha; 3-8L/haFruitsGermination - Young Fruit Stage2-5L/ha; 5-10L/haGField CropsSeedling Stage - Booting Stage1-2L/ha

Product Description

CropsApplicable PeriodApplication Method
Solanaceous VegetablesTransplanting stage - Young Fruit Stage2-3L/ha (Foliar Spray); 5-10L/ha (Drip Irrigation)
Leafy VegetablesSeedling Stage - Before Harvest1-2L/ha (Foliar Spray); 3-8L/ha (Drip Irrigation)
FruitsGermination - Young Fruit Stage2-5L/ha (Foliar Spray); 5-10L/ha(Drip Irrigation)
Field CropsSeedling Stage - Booting Stage1-2L/ha (Foliar Spray)


Seaweed Amino

For application suggestions specific to your crops,please contact your local agronomist or Seawin's distributors.

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