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General view
and introduction

Seawin Biotech Group headquarter is located in high-tech district in Qingdao city.The company owns three production base in Qingdao and Weihai covering area of 40 hectares.Relying on local resource advantage respectively,Seawin use green alga Enteromorpha,brown alga Laminaria,fish protein and oyster as raw material mainly engaging in manufacturing marine biological products.The products include:seaweed function fertilizer,fish protein fertilizer,seaweed biological bactericide,biostimulants,etc.


Qingdao Jiaozhou
production base

Qingdao Jiaozhou production base is located in Jiaozhou development area of economy and technology in Qingdao city covering area of 12 hectares.In this base,there are Enteromorpha treatment plant,microbial fermentation plant,functional fertilizer manufacturing plant,seaweed feed manufacturing plant,marine biostimulants manufacturing plant,which is the unique professional producing base for the green alga scale treatment and high value resource utilization.


Weihai Rushan
production base

Weihai Rushan production base(Winsea Biotech)is located in Rushan Industrial park of Jinhaiwan in Weihai city covering area of 13 hecteres.Taking advantage of marine biological resources such as oyster culture and fish processing,it mainly manufactures marine bioprotein peptide series products,which has production line of annual 100,000 tons of marine bio-organic fertilizer and 60,000 tons of soil conditioner.


Weihai Rongcheng
production base

Weihai Rongcheng production base(Rentai?Biotech)is located in Rongcheng Lidao?Industrial Park in Weihai city covering area of 10 hecteres.By virtue of local advantaged kelp resources,it has been built a high quality industrial chain of kelp food and brown alga polysaccharide additive that rapidly promoted kelp scale processing and utilization as well as the industrial upgrading.


Production strength

Seawin Biotech developed production line of double-seaweed enzymolysis-fermentation coupling technology and low temperature proteolysis technology that break through the bottleneck of single enzymolysis technology and increase the fresh seaweed extraction rate from 30%to 60%.Currently the annual production capacity can reach 50,000 tons of liquid functional fertilizer,10,000 tons of biostimulants,300,000 tons of seaweed granular fertilizer and 30,000 tons of microbial inoculum products that have been supplied to global markets.


Quality control

Seawin Biotech take“Quality”as the first priority and established professional quality control center composed of more than 20 qualified technical staff.The quality is strictly controlled from raw material,packing and finished product.Further more,strict verification system on production process,three-level audit system on test report and cargo retention sample observation system are set up to ensure the traceability of production on finished product and guarantee the product quality as well.


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No.127 Huizhiqiao Rd., High-tech Industrial Development Zone,

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Production base:

NO.1: No.15, Yunxi Rd., Jiaozhou Bay Industrial Zone, Qingdao, China
NO.2: No.799 Chunyang Road, High-tech Industrial Development Zone,
          Qingdao, Shandong, China

NO.3:Golden Bay Industrial Zone, Rushan, Weihai, China

NO.4: Lidao Industrial Park, Rongcheng, Weihai, China

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